J.V.M. SALES CORPORATION an Company is leading in the industry of Water Treatment Plant. Our company started in 2010 with the idea in field of waste & raw water treatment plant. With the motto of best production & supply we professionally provide best solution to our customers. We served 2000+ happy clients in last 8 years of our experience. We provide Modular Plant which is easy to move and it requires less man power to maintain the plant. The best advantage of our plant is 60% - 90% water is reusable. We are providing very cost effective treatment plant solution to improve the quality of water for facets like food taste & nutritional value, linen softness, clean towels, clean and clear glassware in various types of areas like small & large scale industries, offices, hospitality sector, homes & in hospital sector. With new technologies like MBBR/SAFE/FAB/UASBR/SBR/DAF, J.V.M. Sales Corporation developed a fabricated hybrid wastewater treatment plant with aerobic and anaerobic types. According to Central Pollution Control Board norms Industrial effluent is treated in order to reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Total Suspended Solids (TSS) for disposing of the same. All our effluent treatment plant is incorporated with superior quality raw material like mild steel or stainless steel. As per the design structure our plants are completely RCC or Civil constructed. J.V.M. Sales Corporation is renowned in their products which are Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Packaging Machineries, Blow Molding Machines and RO Components. Except we have vast different products which are Domestic RO System, Domestic UV System, RO with Cooler, Commercial RO System & Industrial RO System. In Water Treatment areas we have Water Softener System, Air Purifier & Vegetable System and Water Chilling System. In Waste Water Plants we are dealing in two main plants which are Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) & Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Plant. These two plants are very power economical. In our Packaging projects we are working in six segments which are Bottle Washing Filling & Capping, Auto Cup Filling & Packing, Jar Washing Filling & Packing, Auto Pouch Filling & Packing, and Blow Molding Machine & Batch Coding Machine. Our Blow Molding Machine is available in two types Fully Automatic & Semi-Automatic. In Ro Component we have Activated Carbon & Powder Activated Carbon materials. Our other products are Filter Media, Equipment Rotameter, FRP SS Vessels, Pumps Multiport Valves, Pressure Gauge, RO Filter, RO Membranes, and RO Panel & Chemical. We are working on Reverse Osmosis technology as well. In our Treatment Plants we provide various segment plants for different types of areas like Hotel, Restaurants, Dairy Industry, Chemical Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Textile Industry, Paper & Pulp Industry, Mineral Water Plants, and Multi Storied Complex etc. In our plants we use Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to purify water and make it worth for use. Our Reverse Osmosis Plant is completely designed by expert experienced staff & delivered to the clients widespread across the country. Our Effluent Treatment Plant is highly reliable and for this we provide consultant service for all type of trade by our expert service providers. We offer turnkey projects for Effluent Treatment Plant that is widely used in diverse industries. Our experienced teams of professionals are always trying to complete their project timely in Economical pricing with accurate results. OUR ADVANTAGES J.V.M. Sales Corporation is uniquely qualified to achieve its goals because of our proven experience and approach & below key reasons to retain: We have a strong background in developing and executing strategic marketing plans for companies in Textile industry. We specialize in acquiring and retaining users in key market segments — including the events and conferences industry, retail and e-commerce, real estate, media and educational institutions — that are essential to success. Our team has a combined 8 years of experience in online marketing, public relations, thought leadership and content marketing. We have a track record of delivering exceptional results at a competitive overall cost.